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Puppies, and Parties, and Shoes… OH MY

I’m terrible at blogging… what I can’t promise in quality or consistancy, I can promise in halfhearted sarcasm!

There are birthday parties and there are birthday celebrations. On Saturday night some cool people celebrated my awesome little brother’s-in-law birthday.
He’s 19 now, and that just doesn’t seem right.
He towers (kinda) over me now, and that just doesn’t seem fair.
He was a precious 10-years-old when I met him…
And now he’s all almost not a teen anymore.
What has the world come to?

ANYWAY… We had a pretty tasty dinner at Applebees and laughed a lot. That’s always my favorite part. I just adore the man is becoming… reminds me a lot of his big brother 😉 Continue reading

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