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Dear Mother Nature

You are a menace to society and an ultimate Monday morning buzz kill. Not that Monday mornings carry much buzz… but I think that if you asked anyone, ruining a Monday morning is, most certainly, terrible etiquette.Anyway, I don’t get what your deal is, Mother… you’ve provided me with plenty a wonderful fall (even though some of the deliveries have been less than satisfactory as of late)… and I’ve always been a decent fan of summer… but I’m not sure what your problem is this year, lady. Continue reading

The Venting Machine

I don’t want to be a Debby downer… but recently things have sucked.

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook, because this is my life right now is my ultimate dream come true. (I didn’t know that for a long time but it seems obvious now.) And I know I am getting a chance to do and have something that not even woman gets the chance to. When I found out about my little Button I promised myself I would never let the negative thoughts, opinions, and ideas that surround motherhood and children in on this miracle.

This experience and sweet outcome are worth too much.

I want to feel honored and joyful that I get to go through these tough moments… I want to stay peaceful when things are hard… I want to have a thankful heart no matter what… because I don’t deserve this adventure. Continue reading