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Home Away From Home

Day Five: Where You Work

I spend more time at the office than I do anywhere else. I’m pretty fortunate in that I work for a pretty awesome company and have some killer rad coworkers. I just really appreciate the opportunities I have, and this season in which God has placed me. So, here it is, my home away from home…

OH HEY STEVE. (That’s my buddy, Steve. He’s pretty okay.)

This is what I see all day, Monday through Friday. My cubicle. The epitome of Corporate America. So yeah, iMac, phone, to do lists, stuff I’m editing, lots of trinkets. That’s pretty much how my desk rolls.
I’ve surrounded myself with things that make me happy. A picture of me and the Bearded Gent, a ball jar for pretty flowers, a teeny tiny cactus, owls, more flowers, a wedding pic, Wonder Woman stuff, pic of my Daddy and that little orange frame has a oak tree in it.  (When my dad would get home from work I would run through the house and just smack right into him and hug him, trying to push him. He would just laugh at me, not even budge, and say, “You can’t move this old oak.” I just can’t wait until I can run into his arms again and hear his voice say those words. My little heart aches for it.)  ANYWAY… I have an apple and cadbury caramel egg handy, along with some tea. I almost always have tea with me… you know, for quenching thirst and stuff.

This is my wall, formerly known as the Loren shrine. I recently cleaned it off so I could actually use it, but mostly this space is best for more things that just lift me up and encourage me throughout the day. I feel so blessed to work in an environment that lets me spread my personality all over my walls. So, more Beard and Daddy. More happy things. Pirate owls and bacon. Russian dolls and Bible verses. Wonder Woman. All things good.

I’m not sure how necessary this one is… but it’s my back wall. Those are the calendars of the stuff I manage. It’s pretty sweet. I love media so much. It’s always moving and growing and changing. Never a dull moment.

So, that’s it. That’s where I work. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I’m off to eat some tasty Alfredo for a special Kristen’s birthday 😉


On Valentine’s and More Photo Challenge

I promise I don’t rant all the time… but sometimes I do.
And this is one of those times.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been one for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and flowers and love notes… my mom has always been a huge holiday celebrator and I enjoy trinkets from her… but when it comes to my relationship with my husband… I guess I just don’t want to get those things because society or some conglomerate card company told him it’s societal requirement . I want our love to be real and cherished every day (not that people who celebrate Valentine’s Day don’t have real relationships) I don’t see the point in spending ridiculous amounts of money on a vanity gift.

I mean… it seems silly to me that we are celebrating a day dedicated to a martyr by entertaining ourselves with meaningless objects. St. Valentine died because he wouldn’t stop telling people about Jesus. Instead of renouncing his faith the guy was beaten with clubs and beheaded…

I guess that does sound pretty romantic. Continue reading


Puppies, and Parties, and Shoes… OH MY

I’m terrible at blogging… what I can’t promise in quality or consistancy, I can promise in halfhearted sarcasm!

There are birthday parties and there are birthday celebrations. On Saturday night some cool people celebrated my awesome little brother’s-in-law birthday.
He’s 19 now, and that just doesn’t seem right.
He towers (kinda) over me now, and that just doesn’t seem fair.
He was a precious 10-years-old when I met him…
And now he’s all almost not a teen anymore.
What has the world come to?

ANYWAY… We had a pretty tasty dinner at Applebees and laughed a lot. That’s always my favorite part. I just adore the man is becoming… reminds me a lot of his big brother 😉 Continue reading

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