Learning to Love Life

Lately the Gent and I have been talking a lot about contentment and how we really feel like we’ve reached such a good place in our life together because we are just in love with where we are.

Being content in life is an amazing blessing, like everything just feels right. It’s nothing we strived after, or finally got something and felt fulfilled… it was a journey to just loving our life and not needing anything more.

We look forward to the future but don’t have to constantly seek out “the next thing” to be happy. And that is so freeing.

This has been an amazing arrival as we focus on things that matter and strive more for the LORD in our everyday. The natural progression of life is so much more rewarding than rushing… and it’s making experiences so much richer, appreciating them for what they are and when/how they happen.

In case I ever find myself chasing after more than the LORD, or coveting things I don’t need… I hope that I think back to those conversations with my sweet husband and this coming to know the warmth of contentment.


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