The Big News

Word is out… I’ve got a bun in the oven… and now that I’m in my second trimester it’s pretty much baby fever all up in here.

I will be forever proud to say that the first thing the Gent and I bought our very first child was a pair of Chuck Taylor high-top shoes. Parenting win.

So, needless to say my entire thought space is almost always taken up by Button. We will be welcoming a boy or girl? What will the nursery look like? How will our life change? How will we continue to cultivate a strong marriage/friendship/love life while focusing our growing family on God?

There are so many questions… and I kinda just don’t even want to deal with them right now. I don’t know if it’s the lack of motivation feeling I’ve had lately (blame it on the pregnancy) … but I’m just happy to let things unfold on their own time right now… and that is totally out of character. I hope this is some kind of awesome personal growth I’m having… to be content with what his happening now. Living in the moment, and savoring this season. After all, I will never have my first baby again.

Luckily, this week has brought on new life for me! My energy is back and my evening morning sickness is gone. I can even say up until my usual bedtime now! (Whoa.) I’m so excited to start getting back into things starting this weekend. Actually going grocery shopping, making dinner, working out, and over all just being more active.

The poor Gent though, this whole pregnancy thing is throwing him for a loop. My emotions and body/energy change so fast he hardly has time to adjust… not to mention he’s a first time and a total dude… so, things have been pretty interesting at the Hall house. Luckily, we spend most of our time laughing at each other when we get a little ridiculous… and the Gent has been doing A LOT of laughing at me lately. Heh.

Oh, maybe you are wondering why I’m only referring to him as “the Gent” and not “the Bearded Gent”… well… dude shaved. Like, the week before the first beard competitions we were going to. (Yes, there REALLY are beard competitions.) I’m pretty darn bummed out about it, but my man is still handsome as all get out.  Take a look at the before and after below…

Okay, there’s a catch up and a warning that this place is about to become baby central.

But, it’s going to be an awesome adventure.


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