If This Post Doesn’t Make You Feel Better About Your Life, I Don’t Know What Will

Dear Blog,

I think we both knew going into this that my dedication was minimal if not entirely disheartening. I did specify what I lack in consistency and content I make up for with half-hearted sarcasm. I took a few pictures on a lazy schedule unenthusiastically tried to come up with ANYTHING to say. Well, blog, I don’t want to say things just for the sake of saying something. I’m not even overly concerned about documenting anything in particular. In my opinion there are probably enough blogs talking about what people do during the day, and posting instagram style photos about their daily adventures.

I think part of the problem stems from my entirely boring and lazy lifestyle. Eight to five I’m a cubicle dweller. The only bit of sky I can see is from a small slit of window over the office wall in the group of cubes in the area across the hall. (I think it’s partly cloudy right now, maybe?) So, after staring at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do when I go home is sit in front of a computer and think of some epic event or enthralling topic to write about. What I usually do is park myself on my sofa for hours on end and become absorbed in whatever is on the television. And I do mean hours. I peel myself away just long enough to make dinner and find my spot again with plate in hand. There were nights that the only sound I heard my husband make was laughing at the Big Bang Theory.

That is the most disgusting description of a life I have ever heard.

After getting some crazy news a few weeks ago we were inspired to take a long, hard look at our life… and we weren’t too proud of what we saw. Lazy, selfish, grumpy kids playing house. I had been complaining that God felt distant to me, that I didn’t feel “called”… Ha. Would YOU want to do anything with a nobody, lazy ass that didn’t invest any of their time in you? I wouldn’t. How could I dare be disappointed in my life, spiritual or other, when I was making no attempt to better it.

Oh man. This is where I’m lucky I have an awesome husband that is willing to do anything to create a better home and life for us. One day Hubbin just came home from work and got rid of the television. He stored it away. It’s gone. Goodbye.

At first, I was pretty pissed. Because I blamed our television obsession on him (1. HOW RUDE. 2. HOW LAME.) What a sinful act. My husband is a good man and I could have just encouraged us to watch less television, but I was just as much part of the problem. I am just so disappointed in dishonoring my husband with thoughts like that.

But you know what… it feels AWESOME in our home now. (Because my husband is an awesome, Godly leading GENIUS.) We are reading more books, getting more done, and finally accomplishing things we’ve been talking about for years. Plus we’re doing more to grow in our relationship with God. Giving up television put away the biggest roadblock in my seeking Him, and my biggest laziest activity. It’s still not easy for me, because I’m super lazy… but I my home is peaceful, and full of positive energy.

Probably not everyone should just go lock away their television… but it’s amazing what can happen when you refocus life on the things that matter. We’re learning some big lessons on what it means to entertain ourselves instead of worshiping God. In a culture that thrives on entertainment, I’m really happy we’re starting to dump the junk.

Maybe you don’t need a lesson in TV watching but what IS your “television”? What is keeping you from actually living? Everyone has his or her own thing. Ours was just the television…. and now it’s not.

See, I don’t have to worry about content, all I have to do is rant about stuff.

Sermon over. Let’s go be awesome together.


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