On Valentine’s and More Photo Challenge

I promise I don’t rant all the time… but sometimes I do.
And this is one of those times.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been one for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and flowers and love notes… my mom has always been a huge holiday celebrator and I enjoy trinkets from her… but when it comes to my relationship with my husband… I guess I just don’t want to get those things because society or some conglomerate card company told him it’s societal requirement . I want our love to be real and cherished every day (not that people who celebrate Valentine’s Day don’t have real relationships) I don’t see the point in spending ridiculous amounts of money on a vanity gift.

I mean… it seems silly to me that we are celebrating a day dedicated to a martyr by entertaining ourselves with meaningless objects. St. Valentine died because he wouldn’t stop telling people about Jesus. Instead of renouncing his faith the guy was beaten with clubs and beheaded…

I guess that does sound pretty romantic.

And maybe it is… romantic in the sense that this guy, St. Valentine, wouldn’t give up his love. He loved Jesus and was devoted to God so much that he was willing to die a horrible, painful death.

But it doesn’t make me want to eat some chocolate or smell some roses.

It makes me want to examine my life and faith… do I love and adore Jesus that much? Am I the kind of Christian that could stir up so much hullabaloo the only way to stop me would be to silence me permanently? Or am I lazy enough, passive enough, and comfortable enough that I just skate by…

No, it’s not the time of the Roman Empire… and I’m probably not going to be put to death for talking about God and my faith in public… but I wonder how many opportunities we miss every day to grow in our faith or to help others know Christ because we are too busy pleasing ourselves.

Anyway, what does this have to do with some picture challenge?

Well, on Valentine’s Day my Hubbin and I caved into going out, what with all the “love” in the air. (Sometimes I’m pretty sure that it’s a competition of who can look like they are the most in love by how many flows or expensive sparkly thing they got.) But we were sucked into the idea of doing something cheesy. So… this is what we did for Valentine’s:

Day Four: Whatever You Want

Two Coney Island cups of chili, 5 Coney dogs, and two Cokes. Perfect.
We also saw that new movie the Vow… it’s pretty darn lovey-dovey and good.
So, that’s how we did it.

I don’t know what everyone’s thoughts on Valentine’s day are… I just know mine, and that’s how I feel. I want my husband to think of me on a random day and be filled with pride and joy to have me as his wife. I want him to find his own unique ways to show his love to me. I want to have an every day romance story. I want our life to be centered in being bad asses for Christ, and not just making ourselves feel good. And for us, that doesn’t really involve card companies.


One thought on “On Valentine’s and More Photo Challenge

  1. Lori Di says:

    Your rant sounds like the one I posted the day before the ‘big day.’
    High five! 🙂

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