Puppies, and Parties, and Shoes… OH MY

I’m terrible at blogging… what I can’t promise in quality or consistancy, I can promise in halfhearted sarcasm!

There are birthday parties and there are birthday celebrations. On Saturday night some cool people celebrated my awesome little brother’s-in-law birthday.
He’s 19 now, and that just doesn’t seem right.
He towers (kinda) over me now, and that just doesn’t seem fair.
He was a precious 10-years-old when I met him…
And now he’s all almost not a teen anymore.
What has the world come to?

ANYWAY… We had a pretty tasty dinner at Applebees and laughed a lot. That’s always my favorite part. I just adore the man is becoming… reminds me a lot of his big brother 😉

This is what I wore:

Day Two: What I Wore


Let’s see… Both the little pink floral top and the cardigan (complete with elbow pads) came from H&M and the jeggings are from AE. Yes, I wear jeggings. I’m one of THOSE people.

Also, I wore my gray oxfords. They’re my current favorite.

This is my cutie pie puppy Petey. He’s such a stoic little thing.

When I say puppy I really mean a three-year-old dog going on old man. He’s the most chillax thing I’ve ever seen; perfect speed for us. I just love coming home from work and seeing him on sitting on the kitchen table, gazing out the window waiting for us. I’m not super fond of my dog on my kitchen table, and the subsequent having to keep my table bare… but we really lucked out when we got Petey, and it’s good motivation to keep the table clean.

I’m always surprised by how busy things can get… in the best way. I love having things to do and places to be, but it’s nice to have some time to just relax on the couch with muh main squeeze every once and a while. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Last night after work we hit up the gym and then went grocery shopping without a list… probably the worst idea ever. We wandered around a tiny little country Walmart for AGES and came home with a whole bunch of pointless random stuff. Tasty random stuff, but not useful in a mealplan. We ended up not eating dinner until 9 p.m. and then after that I just called it a night. Exciting.

That means that tonight will be another night at the store trying to buy things that make sense for cooking means, ha. I’m pretty okay with it because I’ll take any reason to skip my weights class… I mean, to run around town with Hubbin… we’ll head out to the “city” and go to the fancy organic store… and maybe I’ll convince him to go see a cheesy lovey-dovey movie. It is Valentine’s day, after all.

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